By: Lica Catsakis

Greek Genealogy


1)   “Family History Research in Greece”  3rd edition
         by Lica Catsakis. It consists of 171 pages in English, and contains valuable information for those searching for ancestors in Greece. 

Eleven Chapters:Beginning your Research, Sources for Genealogical Research, Greek History, More about Greece, Greek Migration, Locating Places in Greece (with details about various gazetteers – geographical dictionaries), Churches and Religious Denominations (with addresses of dioceses, and Patriarchate), Research by Mail  (with form letters for civil and church archives in Greek and their English translation, and Family questionnaire for relatives to fill in information about common ancestors), Learn about Names, The Language (with basics about grammar and a list of words you will see in Greek records), Numbers and Units of Time. 

Two Appendices:Glossary (of Greek and English words); and Greek Given Names their Variations, their English Equivalents, and Name-days.
Pictures of ancestors and of the land, Maps, and Samples of Greek Records and Certificates.




​​2)   “Greek Gazetteer”  – A Geographical Dictionary 
          by   Lica H. Catsakis

          Two volumes, 745 pages, in English.

A Book of Lasting Value.  A must for those who search for their ancestors in Greece. Useful for Historians, Geographers, Travel, Commerce

It provides information regarding all Greek towns, and the Civil and Ecclesiastical jurisdictions of Greece, existing in the present and in the past. 

·   Map of Greece with county borders
·   A list of all Counties,  Districts and Dioceses with the location of their offices.
·  Transliteration system used for spelling Greek names of places with English letters
·  All Greek towns and villages listed in Greek and English
·  Old names of many towns 
·  The Only Gazetteer that includes the 1999 Changes of the Administrative Division of Greece, with the new names of the Municipalities and the new          location of the Town Halls, information which is of great importance for research by correspondence or by visit.

Available on line at: 



​3)   “Complete Geographical Lexicon” ΠΛΗΡΕΣ ΓΕΩΓΡΑΦIΚΟΝ ΛΕΞIΚΟΝ ΤΗΣ ΕΛΛΑΔΟΣ  [Plires Geografikon Lexikon tis Ellados] 
 by Grigorios Stefanou.

      This book was published by the Greek Government and it is a very valuable book showing the old and new names of localities. 

      Most names of Greek towns were changed in the 1920’s.  Immigrants who left Greece before 1920 know only the old name of their place of origin. 

      However today’s researchers need to know the new name of the town where their ancestor came from.

      It is written in Greek but if you cannot read Greek you can find the information you need with a little help from the chapter about the Language

      included in the manual “Family History Research in Greece” (see above).

This book is out of print, but it is available on microfilm.  You can go to the near to you Family History Center (see – search – catalog ) and order microfilm #1181601. The book is on item 4 of that film.  If you have problem contact Lica Catsakis.


4) «Η Οικογενειακή σου Ιστορία»
 A manual in Greek written for those who live in Greece. 

Written by Lica Catsakis, it consists of 72 pages with information for those who live in Greece and desire to search their Greek ancestors.  This manual includes 6 Chapters, with photographs, maps, photocopies of Greek records, and much more valuable information.  It would make a nice gift for your relatives in Greece.

 OUT OF PRINT   Some copies may be found at the following Greek bookstores:
      - Kollarou – Karaiktidis  -- Vivliopoleio Estias
               Solonos 60, Athens, Greece.  Tel. (011) 210 3635970
    - Pyrinos Kosmos 
               Ippokratous 16, Athens, Greece. Tel. (011) 210 3602883
      - Institouto tou Bibliou – A. Kardamitsa
              Ippokratous 8, Athens, Greece.  Tel. (011) 210 3615156

 Should you find a copy you have the author’s permission to make a copy for your personal use.