By: Lica Catsakis

Greek Genealogy

About Lica Catsakis

Lica Hariclea Catsakis (Bywater) was born in Pelasgia, Fthiotidos and raised in Athens, Greece.  While growing up she studied German, English, French, Latin, and Ancient Greek; she graduated Dental School and practiced dentistry in Athens.  At age 42 she emigrated to the U.S.A. where she practiced dentistry in Washington D.C., and in Salt Lake City, Utah. While in Washington D.C. she also taught at Georgetown University Dental School as a full time instructor for almost eight years.

 Dr. Catsakis has a great love for genealogy. Her interest in her family history started when she was very young.  It was later in life when she started doing systematic family history research.

 Since 1977 she has been traveling to Greece almost every year – sometimes more than once a year – interviewing relatives, and searching records of civil and church archives in many towns, museums and libraries of Greece.  Her family tree is extended back many generations, including people born in the 1700’s.

 Dr. Catsakis is the main author of the manual Greek Genealogical Research, which is now out of print.  She is the sole author of the manual Family History Research in Greece which provides valuable information for family history research in Greece, and is now available in 3rd edition.  She is also the sole author of the Greek Gazetteer – A Geographical Dictionary – 745 pages written in English. She also has authored a manual in Greek titled «Η Οικογενειακή σου Ιστορία» which includes instructions for those who live in Greece.

 Lica Catsakis has participated as lecturer in genealogical conferences in Athens Greece, Sydney Australia, Salt Lake City Utah,  and has also taught several classes on Greek family history.  She has served as a volunteer at the  Family History Library in Salt Lake City specializing in Greek family history from 1979-2006.  She was also one of the founders of SIPEO–The Greek Association of Family History and Tradition, a non-profit charitable corporation, and has served as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of that Association for ten years.