Before you start    

  1  You need to know:

     -- The exact place of origin. Where was your immigrant ancestor born. 

              For ways of obtaining this information see “Research in Other Countries” of this web site.
     --· The exact Greek name of your immigrant ancestor. 

             For ways of obtaining this information see “Research in Other Countries” of this web site.
     --  The Dimos/Koinotis [municipality/community] to which the town of origin belonged, and to which it belongs today, T
he eparhia [district],

             the nomos [county], and the mitropolis [diocese], and in which town their offices are located today. 

             An excellent book for this information is the "Greek Gazetteer" ( see “Books” of this website).
     --  The basics about: 
           - Greek History – especially the history that affected moves of population, refugees, etc.
           - Immigration to Greece – there are parts of today’s Greece that were under foreign rule before 1912. For example if a person went

                from Crete to Athens in 1887 he was considered an immigrant.
           - Record Keeping and administrative division of Greece.
Knowing the former and recent municipality in which a town belongs is very

                important.  Old records were written in books that bear the name of the old municipality, and those books are now in the offices

                [Town Halls] of the new municipality.

     --  Basics about the Greek language.  Learning basics about the Greek language is not as difficult as you may think it is.  You will need to

             be familiar with the Greek alphabet, and with basic words needed for your research. The manual “Family History Research in  

             Greeceincludes a list of such words (see “Books” of this website. 

2. Writing down the information you have is important

 To organize your information you can use:

     --  Computer Software, for example Ancestral Quest which can be downloaded through the Internet.  A free of charge version available
     --  Websites such as or, or .  
If you choose to write your information by hand you will need:
     --  Pedigree Charts. A Pedigree Chart is a form that allows you to list information about yourself, your parents, their parents, and one m

          ore generation of parents.
     --  Family Group Records.  The Family Group Record is a form that allows you to list information about a family – the parents and their

          children. You will need to fill one Family Group Record for each married male person that appears on your Pedigree Charts. 
These forms can be obtained from genealogical supply stores,  genealogical societies or The Family History Library.
After recording whatever information you have, it will be easier to decide what information you need to search for.​

By: Lica Catsakis

Greek Genealogy