1  Microfilmed Records

Using microfilmed records is one of the best and easiest way to search the records for your ancestors's information.  

Some of the Greek records have been microfilmed and are available through the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, or through one of it's Branches called Family History Centers.

To find  a Family History Center near you please visit .  Creating an account in it is free of charge and no other obligation.  When you visit a Family History Center you will receeive assistance for your research free of charge.  However when you order a microfilm, which is stored in Utah, you will have to pay a shipping cost.  When you call the Family History Center you can ask for instructions on how to order a microfilm at your home using the Internet, and how and when will you know that the microfilm has arrived, so you will not have to go to the Center when the microfilm is not there.  

Remember Greek records are written in Greek, the same way that German records or French records are written in their own language.  But even if you do not know the Greek language there are ways to overcome this problem, and be able to recognize the name you are looking for and the information on the record.  You just have to read how.  The manual Family History Research in Greece (see part Books  of this website) is one that includes directions on how to read a Greek record when you do not know the Greek language.

       To find out the number of the microfilm that will be useful for your research, you need to search the:
             a..   "GREEK MICROFILMS".- List of all Microfilms by counties. This was compiled by Lica Catsakis.

                   It is the best way to find the film you need because

                         a) by browsing you can find the town you are interested in, even if you do not have the exact spelling of it 

                         b) you can see microfilms that include records of your town even if they have been kept in a county level or

                             country level. 

                  This list is found at the FamilySearch Catalog at



           b.   FamilySearch CATALOG which is found on “Search” tab at the website. 
ATTENTION:  if you do not spell the name of the town or of the county the exact way it is spelled in the Catalog you will

                 receive negative results.  Converting from the Greek alphabet to the English may vary.  The best system to use is the

                 Transliteration System. You can find it in the books “Family History Research in Greece” and the “Greek Gazetteer”

                 (see “Books”of this website).

2 Internet

Not many Greek records have been posted in the Internet. The GAK Historical Archives of Greece also known as State Historical Archives have posted some records of genealogical interest at

One that no one should miss is the Electoral Registers, Vlachoyiannis Collection, which can be found at 



By: Lica Catsakis

Greek Genealogy